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Boston Fans Have Become Everything They've Ever Hated

Does this look like a tortured city to you?  (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)
Tuesday June 6th, 2017 was an amazing day in the life of this die-hard sports fan and lover of history. I got to go to the Bronx to catch a Yankees-Red Sox game. No, it wasn't the original ballpark, but the new stadium still has the Yankee mystique that it is so famous for.

It was a great time with some awesome friends, and a check off a bucket list item, which happened to be the greatest rivalry in the history of baseball. However, something was different about this game. The Red Sox won that match-up 5-4, but teams always go back and forth in baseball. What struck me was the attitude of the Red Sox fans there versus the Yankees fans.

The few Red Sox fans in our section were arrogant and for the most part annoying. This felt extremely weird especially in the home ballpark of the winningest franchise in the North American sports. Especially since, for a century, the Yankees have dominated the Red Sox, with Boston going 86 years without a World Series championship. These fans represent what Boston has become, compared to Boston of old, especially the Red Sox.

In 2002, President of the Red Sox, Larry Lucchino, called the New York Yankees the "Evil Empire." A team that has caused the MLB to fall into perpetual darkness with their evil reign over baseball. At this time, the Yankees were just finished with their most recent dynasty, winning 4 of 5 World Championships.

Curt Schilling's legendary bloody sock in the 2004 ALCS
However, if you were to ask the neutral fans who was the evil empire, it may be reversed. Famously in 2004, the Red Sox broke their curse by coming back from down 0-3 to the Yankees in the ALCS. Then going on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals to win their first World Title since 1918.

They won once again in 2007 and 2013 and it doesn't stop there for Boston. Since 2001, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots have owned the NFL. They've won five Super Bowl championships, including the most recent big game, which included a comeback from a 28-3 deficit in the 2nd Half to the Atlanta Falcons.

The Celtics have the most NBA Championships with 17, their most recent in 2008 with a victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. And look to be on the upswing again with coach Brad Stevens and star point guard Isiah Thomas bringing in the new era. Even the Bruins in the NHL have won a championship in this decade, beating the Vancouver Canucks in the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. 

When it comes to Boston versus New York, the tides have changed in favor of those in the New England area. In the late 1990s, New York teams were unbeatable, outside of the Yankees, the Knicks made the Finals twice, the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994, the Giants won an NFC Title in 2000. Heck even New Jersey got in on the fun with the Devils winning 3 Stanley Cups, and the Nets making a little noise.

The 2000 World Series was the Yankees vs Mets, how much more can a city win to do this?  New York was the world eater and Boston was her poor step brother that got beat up everyday. Boston eventually beat up big brother and took his place (for now), this is even with the Giants winning 2 Super Bowls over the Patriots. 

We could go on with the Boston-New York rivalry further, but what is most important here is Boston becoming the big dog in town. They have now become what they hated so much about New York. Arrogant pricks that love to shove their success down your throat.

In 2011, during the award winning feud between WWE's CM Punk and John Cena, Punk talked up how big Cena was by describing the Massachusetts native as the Red Sox. Both Cena and the Red Sox became what they hated the most, the New York Yankees.

Seeing the arrogant fans in our section at the ballpark in the Bronx reminded me that as much as I dislike the Yankees for destroying my precious Braves dynasty in the 1990s, I hate Boston even more.

For example, controversial writer for the Boston Globe, Dan Shaughnessy, trashed the fact that such an inferior city like Atlanta was taking on the high and mighty. He went off on how Atlanta devalued the Super Bowl and how any other opponent was more worthy.

Dan represents the new culture of the so called "Cursed City" of the 20th Century. Boston's now the in your face, a**holes that used to be the title of Yankees' fans. But the worst part is not that they conceited a-holes, it is about how they still act like the victims of a conspiracy theory. 

This was showcased during the Deflategate debacle, which ended up involving the suspension of Tom Brady for 4 games at the start of the 2016 NFL season. Throughout the year, fans would go above and beyond to defend Brady against all odds no matter what punishment he most likely deserved. When they won the Super Bowl, it was about how Brady and the Pats got their revenge on the evil NFL.

Along with Spygate, Boston fans are willing to defend their beloved Pats to end, no matter how much wrong they have done. They play the victims of scrutiny of the NFL.

The Red Sox are victims of the Yankees and will be until they win 27 World Titles. These are why outsiders hate any Boston team winning a title, because no matter what, they will still find a way to complain.

Red Sox win a World Series? A-Rod is still on the Yankees and needs to be punished. Patriots tie the Cowboys and 49ers with five Super Bowl wins? F**k Roger Goodell for punishing us. Who knows what it will be for when the Celtics win, because lord knows what they'll do after the ruthless robbery of picks they essentially stole from the Nets (sorry Alex). 

Either way, Boston has become one of the most hated fan-bases in the country. Already scrutinized by New York, cities like Atlanta, Seattle, and St. Louis are also calling Boston rivals. The feelings are most likely the same throughout sport cities in the country. This sense of entitlement in 21st century Boston is un-matched in any other city. No matter what, Boston's heroes are perfect and they always deserve that next title.

David Ortiz is perfect no matter what drug test he fails. Brady and Belichek are legends no matter what stunts they pull. This is no longer the fall of 2004 where the rebellious Red Sox are trying to take down their dark history against the Evil Empire. No, Boston has become that Evil Empire that everyone else is trying to stop. Boston is the new New York. 

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  1. Sox always used to say the Yankees bought championships they were just jealous. Coming from a Panther fan who questions that super bowl 38 victory of the Pats when Marty Hurney (Panthers GM) and many other witnesses saw them taping our practices days before the championship I truly hate the NE teams and cannot feel happy for anything they win. They accused the Yankees of buying championships but they cheated their way to the top.